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Michel Lelong ‘s Guitar Tabs: Blues, Folk Trad.,Country, Celtic, Old-Time, Fingerstyle…

What people are saying:
The European Blues Association, England: Michel Lelong from Tours, France, is a great guitarist and a highly skilled teacher.
Stefan Grossman’ guitar worshop – USA: Since the beginning of the guitar workshop, I was searched for a musician/teacher who could play as well as explain Merle Travis’s Music. Finally the chemistry came with Michel Lelong.
Happy Traum – musician – pedagog and director of Homepsun Tapes – USA: The excellent french guitarist Michel Lelong has created a serie of six lessons focusing on many Chet Atkins’s most interesting and challenging solos.

All the tabs are from my hand, my personnal transcriptions, I don’t copy the others… Notice: Most of my PDF tabs are handwritten some are written with Guitar Pro (please, send me an e-mail before to place an order if it is important for you). 

Take a look on some handwritten tabs extracts

The TABS always include rhythm, chord diagrams, and fingerings.

Musical bio : Teenager, I studied seriously music theory and ear training, and I was raise in the american traditionnal music thru my oldest brothers who were fond of blues, old-time music, jazz, rag etc. I teach guitar professionally since 38 years. In the 90’s, I wrote four books for Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop with audio lessons on Merle Travis, C.Atkins & J.Reed styles. For a french publisher “” I also made two instructionnals videos on Country guitar techniques, Celtic guitar techniques and a book with CD of 99 examples on the “acoustic” blues guitar techniques and styles… Also I published six booklets with audio lessons on guitar fingerstyle techniques thru the Mailody Association…

Copyright Jean-Marc Lelong

This new web site is and will be in a constant evolution, I wrote a lot transcriptions, and it is not finish! if you need to contact me before to place any order or just for any information, do not hesitate… If you need a tab from my YouTube channel not listed yet on this web site, please contact me at:

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Notice: Some tabs are on demo on my Youtube channel, others with videos lessons… mp3 etc. Please check regularly the news!